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Flames is a cinematic compilation show-casing the feats that are possible in the game Rocket League.

It features clips from "Vortex" — a Rocket League team.

I started this video as a passion project in the fall of 2018, working on and off until I finally completed it in April of 2020.


I imagined and produced this video on my own. Rocket League offers an in-game replay system which let me fly around to record the clips. I then edited this footage using Adobe After Effects.

I do not own or claim to own the rights to the music/song in the video. See credits.


I've been deliberate with the direction of motion on screen. When the camera is rotating to the right, the next clip would likely have motion to the right as well. This creates satisfying result, merging the clips to one seamless experience, while also making the action easier to understand.

The speed of the gameplay matches the energy of the music. For example when the song's slows to a break section the gameplay also dips in energy with a slow-motion section. 

Throughout the video an old film burn effect is used, relating to the lyrics about flames.


@dabinmusic (Dabin - In Flames feat. Lexi Norton)

- dunkelziffer
- Matchbox31
- Dyreo
- DJBensch