My work

Duckside of the Moon

Duckside of the Moon is a survival game about a duck astronaut finding his way back to Earth.
It was nominated for Best Student Game by the Dutch Game Awards 2022.

6 months

22 people

unreal 4

technical & level designer

BAJA: Temple of the Gods

BAJA is an action game, where you play as an adorable chinchilla. Dodge and shoot your way out of the maze to retrieve the soul of Tiki and free the gods from their curse...

2 months

14 people

unreal 4

technical designer

The Cycle

The Cycle is an immersive game about a man who would do anything to change his fate. You try to explain the strange place in which you find yourself. But looking for answers only leads to more questions.

2 weeks

just me


narrative & general designer


Possessed! is a stealth game where you play as a ghost thief, stealing objects by possessing them and sneaking out the door. Each object has its own unique movement to master while trying to go unnoticed by the wandering humans.

2 weeks

9 people

unreal 4

technical designer

🚧 More to come 🚧

Passion projects

In my free time, I enjoy working on personal projects ranging across creative media from music to cinematography. Feel free to have a look!